Jump #4 – Expenses and Value

In this episode, I talk in more detail about the principles of both lowering expenses and also of making a living by offering value directly and in person. Just as our wonderful local bookstore has done.

I talk about the spread now in expenses between big city life and life in a smaller community. I also talk about the issue of anonymity in big city life and how we experience genuine community in small town life. The internet has also changed the opportunity in small towns as well.

Jump #4
Heart Beet Organics on PEI

I talk also about how the new micro food system fits into this model and how as a model of offering value directly sets the model for the new economy.

I end, as usual, with a look ahead. This time to the hardest part of all. If you have made the Jump and wish to make radical changes in your life, what about your partner or children?

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