2016 Noblesse Oblige Book Cover - Robert Paterson -FINAL 4 copy

Here is the link to the download for Noblesse Oblige

We all can sense that we will soon face hard times. I wrote this book to explore what it might be like to lose everyone and everything and still survive. And the quick answer is love. Love is what sustains us in terrible situations.

In the book you can follow what appears at first to be just a privileged and frivolous group of people. They will then be tested as you and I might never to be tested. Some come though. Most don’t. The difference is as you will see how each person uses love or not as their response.

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Here is the link to Lessons from Vimy

I wrote this short monograph to discover the lessons of a century ago that we can all use productively today. If there is one critical lesson that Currie learned, it was how to set up an organization that learned faster than its competitor. We often imagine that armies are rigid things. Many are. But not Currie’s Canadians.



Here is the link to Arthur Currie’s After Action Report for the Battle of Vimy Ridge 

Like today, Currie was faced with what seemed to be an impossible situation. But by pushing control down deep into the front line, by connecting all the supporting parts and by mastering the power of the new technology to reduce the human costs of assault, he found the way of breaking the impasse of the trenches and so set the stage for victory in the next year.

It’s a model of thinking that we can all use.



Here is the link to the three books in the Network series – You Don’t Need a Job, You Don’t Need a Banker and You don’t Need Medicine

In these three books I offer help in finding alternatives to the institutions that keep us in chains. The first is a guide for how to set up your economics so that you can be free. The next deals with how to find credit to finance what you do without using the banks. The last book deals with how to take charge of your health so that you are not dependent on the medical system.