The Jump #1 – Introduction

Here is the introduction to the Jump that is also found on the main page.

Here I talk about that moment in a life when our perspectives changes from being driven by “Them” and “The Shoulds” to an inner-directed POV where who we are drives our lives.

I describe this moment as being like both a death and a birth. We have no control over the timing. The process is painful and messy. We can never go back. We arrive in the new world full of loss, for all that we knew was in the old life. We arrive helpless also as a baby enters the physical world.

The good news is that when we arrive, helpless and confused, we find that we are not alone. We find that unknown to us before are people who have made the Jump before who reach out to us with help and love.

I remind you that the Jump itself is merely a change of inner state. Ahead is the hard work of constructing a new life in this new context. Here the economics are key and a new way of living has to be found. In the way are our old relationships. They may be our friends. They may be our family. All of whom may not want you to change.

I look ahead at the end of this episode to how you may find w way though these challenges.

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